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Our company David Strasmann & Co. was founded in an old timber-framed house in the heart of Wuppertal-Ronsdorf in 1835. In the meanwhile sixth generation our family business creates the finest handmade tools to cover the requirements of wood carvers and sculptors. Paring chisels, flat irons, as well as straight, curved and cranked gouges and all of these in various sizes. Our company catalogue lists a total of more than 1.700 available articles.

Just imagine that every item travels through 32 stages to reach its completion. From the forging of the blanks-made of a special durable steel which holds the sharpness especially long- the shaping in the stamp shop and the exact grinding to shape and size, it goes on with the straightening, marking, hardening, polishing and scarfing to the mounting of the wooden handle and attaching the label. Our tools, handmade by the employees of our company, are almost small works of art in themselves. Our customers are professional artists and place high value on quality. Our tools are renowed in wood carver circles and are sold worldwide. Even your grandchildren will still be able to work with the handmade tools of our company.